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Why get a hop™ report?

From hop™ users:
"Hop gave us useful additional information in advance of searches and helped us make a more confident decision"
"It’s a really useful document and highlighted immediately a few issues that could have caused delays at a later stage"
"It is a great idea which would help buyer and seller at the price agreement stage"
"I'd be seriously impressed if my estate agent handed me this report. The content is laid out in a really user-friendly way and is super clear and easy to understand."


Pass the hop™ report to your solicitor to save them time in dealing with your transaction.


Information about the legal status of the property can help with negotiations.


Hop™ puts you back in control of your home move.

By checking standard conveyancing information, hop™ predicts your completion timescales and provides you with your bespoke hop™ report to make it happen quicker — on average completing in less than half the national average.

Who should use a hop™ report?

Buyer’s Report

Knowledge is Power

Seller’s Report

Putting you in the driving seat

Estate Agents

True USPs and faster completions.